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Ok, no more bad mood for David! Mark from the Great American Casino called me today, as he finally got ahold of the GM and talked to him about hiring me. Mark already wanted me pretty bad, hes a good friend of Steve Brizers, my former mentor/boss and friend. Apparently I'm famous in the northern part of Seattle. He knew who I was when I walked in, before I said anything. Thats a little...freaky especially since that's happened half a dozen times now at 6 different casinos. Whee. Anyway, he needed someone bad and he was already wanting me before I filled out an app, and only had me audition so I'd be on tape for the GM to see it. He had apparently played at my tables when I helped run the Crazy Moose. But he's only part of the hiring process because its a huge corporation owned by Canadians who own half the casinos in Canada. But he finally got ahold of the GM who doesnt like to show up to work (typical. but i wasnt expecting him to since its Turkey week) and called me just now to have me race in tomorrow to fill out paperwork and schedule a 2nd interview with the GM because they want me to floor supervise as well as deal. Yes I know I was annoyed at having to do that in the past but I'm desperate here. And also, since I got my "fame" running the poker room at the Moose EVERYONE knows I can floor and floor well (the customers LOVED it when I floored, when I quit flooring and went back to dealing they HATED the poor guy who had to try to do what I did even with me helping him) so I'm kind of resigned to at least part-flor supervising and part dealing from now on. Whichever. Floor guys get a good hourly wage plus 10% of the dealers working for him, and when dealing I make good tips. So good money either way. I had thought the position was yet another on call only, but he said he has an actual schedule (part time) to give me and also will be calling me in as on call. He said he's rushing to get me through because he's got people who are all wanting vacations for the Xmas season. And I'm certainly not going ANYwhere this year so give me ALL THEIR shifts! I could have been working tonight if he had gotten ahold of the GM earlier, but oh well... I've got company and a feast tonight anyway.

BUUUUUT as all those who have been on my friends list for a while know, I have been DYING for work so I am extremely friggin hyper right now.
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