Sardona needs sleep... (sardona) wrote,
Sardona needs sleep...

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Definintely no balance in the morning

I knew I had balance issues when I first wake up, but today really proved it.

I was rushing to get a money order in time for UPS getting here and at the top of my stairs I felt my center of gravity go all wonky.

So I fell down the stairs. All of them. I at least had the presence of mind to keep my head and right arm from hitting anything as I want no head damage nd I make my $ with my right arm. I seem to be mroe or less ok, just a few scratches and a bunch of dirt.

Ha. So it it'll take mor than shoving me down some stairs to off me.

But man I had some minir momemntum buit up. I hit the bottom hard. That's the spot that hurts the mosts, naturally.
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