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Refuge in a dark cave

Hey, it's cold in here....

Sardona needs sleep...
1 February 1978
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My journal is now friends only. If, for some reason (random boredom, drunken stupor, temporary insanity) you want to be added to my list, you can add me and I will probably add you back. As long as you aren't dumb as a post or insist on using anything REMOTELY resembling l33t-speak. If you are either of the above, please place your head behind the back tireof my car. I will be out to run it over shortly.

All of my interests are below, so I won't reiterate them here. Well, not ALL of them... just the ones I felt like entereing at the time. There's a picture in my userpics for those who care, for those who don't: yay. I'm a night person both by choice and by profession (I deal poker professionally at a casino. In fact, I get home from work when most people are starting to wake up to go to their job/school. And I wouldn't have it any other way, I love it). I'm into music, movies, theatre, poker, chess, dark things and again: all the interests listed below.

Edit: Insanity is no longer a recommended attribute. It is a highly regarded required feature for my friends. Trust me: it helps.
aces, acting, after forever, anathema, astronomy, autumn, balance, baseball, bass guitar, biting, black, black roses, blackmore's night, blood, books, borderline, borderline personality disorder, budapest, caffiene, castles, cats, changeling, clubbing, cold, cold air, computers, corsets, cuddling, dancing, dark girls, dark things, dark women, darkness, death, depression, doom metal, dragons, drawing, drums, eddie izzard, emotion, evil, fantasy, female vocalists, foreign languages, frozen, games, germany, girls in corsets, good, good vs. evil, goth, goth girls, gothic, gothic girls, gothic metal, halloween, hold-em, hungary, ice, iced earth, kings, knives, knowledge, lacuna coil, language, laughing, leather, long hair, love, medieval times, medievil, melodic metal, metal, midnight, mischief, moon, morbid humor, mountains, movies, music, my dying bride, night, night time, nighttime, nightwish, nine inch nails, operatic metal, pale girls, pale skin, pitching, poetry, poker, poker dealing, pyrotechnics, reading, renaissance festivals, romance, romantic era, roses, rpgs, sad music, samhein, sarcasm, seduction, self delving, senses, sensual things, sensual women, sex, sexy girls, sharp edges, singing, sleep, snow, solitude, sound design, sound engineering, stars, suicidal tendencies, swords, tattoo, tattoos, terry pratchett, texas hold-em, the moon, theatre, theatre arts, theatre of tragedy, thinking, thomas moore, thorns, tristania, vampires, velvet, vienna, winter, within temptation, writing, xandria, yin-yang