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Okay this has got to end...

At least once a week my body/brain decide to set the world record for Worst Night's Sleep. EVER. And every week they must top it. New records were set last night. Part of it was me being sick, I'm sure. But still. Knock it off brain! You don't like me and I don't like you. Let's just get through this so I can go back to killing you with more beer. Haha, Homer is awesome.

Oh yah... finally got through all the corporate crap and waiting around for the Poker Room Manager to start her first day. FINALLY. I am back amongst the ranks of full time Poker employees, woo. Got a wee bit tired of starting as part and working my way up.

Won't be any of that THIS time, she went ahead and hired me as her #1 Man, her assistant. Whee, I love my resume... when people look at it they go "Holy Shit" and start peppering me with their ideas and putting me in charge of things. Fools! :P

Fine by me, more power. Not that I don't have near Ultimate Authority as the Floor Manager. But now, everyone is mine! Well cept her, she gets to boss me around. But she's nice, so she wont do that :P
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