Sardona needs sleep... (sardona) wrote,
Sardona needs sleep...

How pathetic are you?

I just heard the most pathetic stat yet about the whole NOLA situation.

They've been in desperate need for troops to keep control of the city as everyone tries to restore normalcy. They finally have a bunch of National Guard but they need more.

What DISGUSTS me is the report that over FIFTY percent over HALF of NOLA'a police force have failed to report for duty or just walked off their jobs.

You. Fucking. Cowards. Right now you're the only hope NOLA has of not COMPLETELY descending into anarchy. You're the ones the give citiziens hope and HELP the poor bastards who are trapped etc and need help. And you walk off your job?

You all who have done so are nothing more than shameless cowards. You're the ones who deserve to be stuck in sewer conditions with no food or water. If I knew who you were and met you I'd spit in your eye and hit you right in the other one. Get the FUCK back in there and DO YOUR GOD DAMN JOBS you cowards. Tens of thousands of people are severely in need of your help.
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